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Comparison Test: Peugeot 208 GTI vs Renault Clio RS

Three or five doors, manual gearbox or dual clutch, versatile frame or card. Just look at the Peugeot 208 GTI and Clio RS 4 on the paper to find that one is closer to what is expected of a small sports car. A match bent forward? Not sure …


Presented at the end of February, the Clio RS 4 has not been unanimity among fans of its predecessor. Before being mounted on board, many of us were accused of having traded the excellent 2.0-liter atmo that we take so much pleasure whip, against a small 1.6 liter turbo, but the same power operation near that of a Diesel unit. To top it off, Renault forced us to robotized gearbox with double clutch, again to optimize consumption. Heresy for a sports city!

The reception we booked the 208 GTI launched a month later is generally better place. Peugeot has indeed been less annoying, in strict accordance with the codes of a GTI worthy of the name: maximum relief, three-door body and manual transmission. The first tests have also confirmed the excellent reputation of Peugeot engineers on chassis. While some colleagues have criticized the 208 GTI sacrificing the thrill of driving on the altar of efficiency, with its rear end so riveted on the ground that she almost forgot to be fun.

peugeot-208-gti-vs-renault-clio-4-rs (1)

As we will see throughout this match, Peugeot and Renault have not always used the same technical choices when developing their respective bomblets. However, their price positioning is very close: 24,990 euros for the Clio RS (300 euros penalty) and 24,500 euros for the 208 GTI (100 euros penalty). Adding 600 euros Cup chassis that Renault had the good sense to provide an option to limit the compromise we have reached a financial benefit from 1290 euros for Lioness.

Aesthetically, helped by its large 18-inch wheels, its towering shields and colored aluminum diffuser, the Clio RS is distinguished for its part a little more than 208 GTI common versions we see on every street corner.


Point throughout the match promises to be tight. What will he on board and on the road? It’s pouring rain we confronted our two urban sports in the Chevreuse Valley, Yvelines. The ideal conditions for judging their effectiveness and versatility. Which offers the best compromise? The Queen of GTI is sacred to the outcome of this fight in two rounds.

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